Week Thirteen

Below are downloads of the slides from this week's lectures. Make sure you have them downloaded and ready for class - it makes taking notes a lot easier.

Peripheral Orthopedics

PNF Notes

PNF Slides

These slides came from a previous lecture presented to the DPT students at University of Delaware and will not exactly match those given by Mr Seth Blee, PT, who will be leading our investigation of PNF. Please use this lecture as a supplement to the material provided by Mr Blee.

Spinal Orthopedics

It's Thanksgiving this week so enjoy the break.

Turkey for Everyone!!



Rhythmic Iniation

Rhythmic Stabilisation

D1 Flexion - Lower Limb

D2 Flexion -Lower Limb

D1 Flexion - Upper Extremity

D2 Flexion - Upper Extremity

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