Week Six

Below are downloads of the slides from this week's lectures. Make sure you have them downloaded and ready for class - it makes taking notes a lot easier.


Peripheral Orthopedics

ACL Rehabilitation

Fractures of the Tib-Fib

Dr Greg Bennett's Lectures

ACL INjuries and Rehab

Patellofemoral Joint Dysfunction

Osteochondral Surgery

PFJS 10-01-12

Spinal Orthopedics


This week we will have a written mid-term exam on Wednesday morning from 10:30-11:30am. The lecture time on FRIDAY will be used to practice the techniques used in Core Strengthening. You will need to download and print the Core Strengthening Exercises document and come to lecture in your LAB CLOTHES - ready to work those abs.

Core Stability Exercises

Core Stability Exercises Article

Introduction to Pilates


ACL Reconstruction

People Hitting the Ball

People Getting Hit by the Ball (for fun)

Advanced Core Exercises

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