Therapeutic Exercise

One of the principles roles of the Physical Therapist is the restoration of function for those who have suffered injury. A key element in the rehabilitation process is the selection and application of the most appropriate therapeutic exercises that will aid in the restoration of normal function. Therapeutic exercise is a blanket term most frequently used to describe active or passive activities that assist in the improvement of range of motion of a joint or in the increase in strength of a specific muscle or muscle group.

The following pages have been created as a resource to jump start your thinking about therapeutic exercise and provide 2-3 activities that are designed to increase range of motion and 2-3 activities that are designed to increase strength in a given joint direction.

These pages are not designed to replace medical advice from a trained professional but have been created for the use of physical therapists, physical therapy students or their assistants. Please consult your doctor before beginning or adapting any therapeutic exercise program.

Therex By Joint and Motion Direction

The Lower Limb

The Hip The Knee The Ankle The Foot/Toes
Hip Flexion Knee Flexion Plantarflexion Toe Flexion
Hip Extension Knee Extension Dorsiflexion Toe Extension
Hip Abduction Inversion
Hip Adduction Eversion
Hip Internal Rotation
Hip External Rotation

The Upper Limb

The Shoulder The Elbow The Wrist The Hand/Fingers
Shoulder Flexion Elbow Flexion Wrist Flexion Finger Flexion
Shoulder Extension Elbow Extension Wrist Extension Finger Extension
Shoulder Abduction Forearm Pronation
Shoulder Adduction Forearm Supination
Shoulder Internal Rotation
Shoulder External Rotation

The Back, Neck and Trunk

Lumbar Region Thoracic Region Cervical Region
Lumbar Flexion Thoracic Flexion Cervical Flexion
Lumbar Extension Thoracic Extension Cervical Extension
Lumbar Side Flexion Thoracic Side Flexion Cervical Side Flexion
Lumbar Rotation Thoracic Rotation Cervical Rotation
Cervical Protraction
Cervical Retraction
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