Peripheral Orthopedic Labs

Peripheral Orthopedic Labs

The following videos were taken in the lab portion of the Peripheral Orthopedic Course at Marymount University in Fall 2012.

Passive Physiological Range of Motion of the Hip

Break Tests for the Hip Musculature

Special Tests for the Hip Joint

Hip Joint Mobilizations

PA and AP Mobilizations

Lateral Glides of the Hip

Medial and Lateral Rotation Mobilizations

Hip Quadrant Mobillizations

Grade V Longitudinal Mobilizations

The Knee Joint

Varus and Valgus Stress Tests

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tests

Pivot Shift and Reverse Pivot Shift Tests

Sag Sign test

Meniscus Tests

McMurray's Test

Apley's Compression Test and Thessaly's test

Patellofemoral Joint

Observations in Standing

Observations in Sitting

Palpation and Special Tests

Ankle and Subtalar Joint

Range of Motion Testing

Strength Testing

Ankle and Foot Mobilizations

Fibular Mobilizations

Shoulder Joint

Palpation and Observation

Range of Motion of the Shoulder

Scapular Protraction Tests

Shoulder Impingement Tests

Shoulder Instability Tests

Shoulder Passive Range of Motion Testing

Shoulder Muscle Break Tests

Shoulder Quadrant and Lock Tests

Shoulder Joint P-A Mobilizations

Shoulder Mobilizations

Acromioclavicular and Sternoclavicular Mobilizations

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