Keep Your Torch Ignited: Transforming Physical Therapy Education

"Enabling Learning When Class is Done"

October 4th 2015, 10:30am

Thank you for attending our session at the 2015 Education Leadership Conference in Baltimore. In lieu of Powerpoint slides or handouts for this session, we recorded the session via screen capture and have uploaded it below.

We have also embedded the full video files we showed clips of during our session. If you have any questions about our session, the Morphopedics website or would like to discuss the content further, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Dr Jason Craig Skye Donovan
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Video Session from October 4th 2015

Slide presentations from October 4th 2015

Part One - Why We Do What We Do?

Part Two - Using Wiki Creation To Engage Learning

Vodcast from Pathophysiology Lecture - Dr Skye Donovan

Flipped Classroom Session - Muscle Layers of the Foot - Dr Skye Donovan

There is also a follow-up activity sheet associated with this session to help students focus their learning. You can download this activity sheet here.

Vodcasting to Grade a Paper - - Dr Skye Donovan

Students Presenting 5 Minute Mini-lectures Using Educreations

VO2 Max - by Brian Collins

Video Demonstrating Post-production Video - Dr Jason Craig

Useful Web Resources on Teaching With Technology


Here is a great site from the University of Notre Dame Center for Teaching and Learning. This site contains a wide array of video and audio recording technologies to support this style of teaching and learning.

Cultivating Media-Rich Learning Experiences


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